Understanding influences of environmental stressors on muscle physiology of fishes

I am a 3rd year Biology and Marine Biology doctoral student at the University of North Carolina-Wilmington in Dr. Stephen Kinsey's lab. My work focuses on marine fish physiology under chronic exposure to extreme environmental conditions. I received my BSc. in Environmental Science with a minor in Biochemistry from Baylor University. My undergraduate research focused on microplastic ingestion in Lagodon rhomboides (Pinfish), which furthered my love for the marine environment and environmental health. Throughout my academic career I have sought to understand both anthropogenic and natural influences on organisms.

Running and Environmental Advocacy

My running experiences have shaped who I am and how I view the surrounding environment. Anyone who pursues running experiences the outdoors, whether that be on the city streets or on a remote trail. The spaces we see shape how and why we run. When we see industrial chemical plants, streets littered with garbage, not a tree or shrub in sight, we don't see beauty. We don't see healthy living nor a safe space for running. Everyone deserves both of these entities, no matter your economic status, race, religion, gender or sexual identity. Runners of all forms should be welcome and should speak up for the environment around them because when our surroundings are healthy and prosperous, we are as well.

I hope to increase environmental awareness and advocacy in the running realm because we directly and indirectly shape and connect with the environment in a manner that dates back to our evolutionary prosperity as humans.

What's New?

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In solidarity with those in DC dealing with the effects of  domestic terrorism on Jan. 6, 2021, sign the petition to demand to call on New Hanover County and Wilmington elected officials and law enforcement to condemn white supremacy acts.

Join the Green New Deal Network to help grow a movement to pass local, state, and national policies that create millions of family-sustaining jobs, ensure racial and gender equity, and take action on climate and the scale and scope the crisis demands!

Wilmington, NC runner Tracy McCullen ran 100 miles backwards in December 2020 to raise money for the planning and beginning construction of a new track facility for the Community Boys and Girls Club of Wilmington! Donations are still being accepted. Donate today!

Want to know more about the Sunrise Movement and take action on climate and social justice initiatives? Here are some upcoming events with Sunrise National! Located in Wilmington? Email me directly through this website or sunrisemvmtilm@gmail.com for updates on what's happening locally. 


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