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I began running in high school (more like walk-running) then transitioned into a dedicated NCAA Division 1 Track and Cross Country athlete. Following my journey from college, I came to Wilmington, NC for grad school with no idea where running would fit into my post-collegiate life. I'd like to name and thank a few of a truly immense number of people for where I am today in my running career and life thus far: High school coaches David Evans and Bob White of Roswell High School; college coaches Todd Harbour and John Capp; and current coach Tom Clifford. If you are looking for a coach, check out Tom! He's pretty cool and knows a thing or two about racing and training.

I'm extremely grateful, humbled, and inspired by people and companies who believe in me as an endurance athlete and a speaker for environmental and social change. Running is a space where people of all different backgrounds should be welcomed to explore and embrace the environment. It is the perfect sport where equity should be at the forefront and where the fight for environmental preservation should not be a question. That's why I'm proudly sponsored by Patagonia and NNormal, both companies with missions to produce quality, long-lasting gear with goals of reducing our environmental footprint!

Running Story: About Me

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March 2020

Representation at the Olympic Trials

April 2020

Experience as the only American-Born African American at the 2020 Trials

April 2020

Getting to the Olympic Trials

May 2020

Olympic Trials, running during a pandemic, trails as an outlet

May 2020

Running at the Olympic Trials, Experience as the only American-Born African American at the 2020 Olympic Trials, Marine Biology Research

May 2020

Experience at the 2020 Olympic Trials and being the only American-Born African American

Running content platform for the Black distance community

July 2020

Diversity in distance running, growing up as a minority in running, equity in schools

August 2020

Intersections of running and marine biology, caring for our land and bringing our love of the outdoors to our voting choices


October 2020

Running in 2020, the meaning of representation in the Black community

October 2020

Representation in running and science, climate change, and social justice

August 2022

Representation in running and science, environmental advocacy

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