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Women of color shark scientists who seek to increase opportunities for people of color in the fields of shark and marine sciences. 

Ecology, Evolution, and Behavior Papers of Color: A Twitter account that re-tweets scientific articles and pre-prints by people who identify as people of color in the EEB disciplines.

Workshops for hands-on diversity and inclusion training for universities, NGOs, research institutions, and companies. AWOCSPACE also provides networking opportunities and community for WOC and allies.

A safe space for black ecologists to address challenges faced in academia and the sciences. 

Assists natural resources conservation agencies in Southeastern US to enhance the representation of minority groups and women in professional occupations in natural resource conservation.

A visibility campaign for LGBTQ+ people and allies in STEM. Creates opportunities for community and networking within STEM.

A charitable trust run by independent LGBT+ scientists aimed at showcasing and supporting LGBT+ people in STEM

A premier organization aimed to celebrate Black marine scientists, spread environmental awareness and inspire the next generation of scientific thought leaders.

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