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A community of athletes, scientists, creatives, and business leaders who are passionate about protecting outdoor spaces and lifestyles through climate action. The collective advances non-partisan policies that protect our world today and for future generations.

A global non-profit research organization that continuously reviews and assesses climate solutions in efforts to advance effective climate action. 

A youth-led (ages 14-35) movement to combat climate change and create millions of new green jobs through political action. Sunrise heavily endorses the Green New Deal legislation and helps promote candidates who seek climate change policies.

UN Climate Change encourages sports organizations to initiate climate leadership around the world by taking responsibility for their climate footprint, incentivizing climate action beyond the sports sector.

An organization that promotes environmental stewardship in running communities while also addressing climate change and racial issues within the environmental conversation. 


A plan to garner every realm of American life to 100% clean, renewable energy by 2030, guaranteed living wage jobs for anyone in need, and equitable transitions for workers and frontline communities in the face of climate change.

A vision to revive our economy while addressing the interlocking crises of climate change, racial injustice, public health,  and economic inequity by creating millions of jobs for unemployed workers and support a better life for millions of people who remain vulnerable in this movement for change.

Blue carbon is carbon dioxide that is naturally sequestered by the ocean and coastal ecosystems. This legislation would increase federal research into blue carbon and protection of these ecosystems to help with larger climate goals.

A great resource for all current proposed environmental protection bills in various stages of approval in Congress.


Organization cultivating and inspiring industry shifts from single-use plastics to more sustainable alternatives.

By harnessing the power of science, education, and storytelling OPR is reversing the flow of plastics into the marine environment, restoring critical habitat so that nature can thrive, and returning ocean plastics to the circular economy.

Organization focused on innovative and collaborative ways to prevent and remove ocean plastics while giving repurposed value to plastic waste as an incentive to collect it from ocean waters.

Trash Free Seas initiative for mobilizing international coastal clean-ups, working with individuals, businesses, and communities to change products, practices, and behaviors that result in ocean pollution.

Advances community-based waste solutions through policy advocacy and systematic changes. They focus on zero waste initiatives, tackling problematic waste streams such as plastic pollution, and ending the ineffective and hazardous practice of burning waste.

Foundation focused on systemic changes within businesses, academia, policymakers, and institutions to develop and transition to a circular economy, one in which waste and pollution don't exist and products are built to last and regenerate natural systems.

US project to end plastic pollution through institutional, economic, and societal changes. Beyond Plastics educates about plastic pollution, trains students as leaders in the anti-plastic movement, and helps block new plastic manufacturing and plastic burning facilities.

A global movement envisioning a future free  from plastic pollution with environmental protection and social justice as key components to breaking down the plastics value chain from extraction to disposal. 

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